The “Spannabis” exhibition shows that cannabis is much more than a drug

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With the aim to put aside stereotypes around this plant, on 13th, 14th and 15th of October the cannabis exhibition Spannabis, the largest in this sector, took place for the first time in Madrid to show to its visitors the future of the hemp industry in Spain.
The spokesman of Spannabis, Raul del Pino, has assured that the vision on the consumption of marijuana has changed and we are proving that marijuana can be used beyond the ludic consumption; one of the main objectives of this exhibition.
At the same time the V World Cannabis Conference took place during the exhibition, a series of lectures given by professionals from the sector and focused on medicinal therapies, on how the procedures for regularization are moving along at the moment, on sex and cannabis, or on the best way to cultivate it for own consumption.
The spokesman of the exhibition assured that in Europe there is still a lot of work in order to advance in the regulation of cannabis and he highlighted the open-minded vision of other countries such as the United States, where five states have legalized their consumption. "Spain is still far away to enact legal measures but surely over the years the legalization of cannabis will be achieved", insisted Del Pino and asked to take Italy and Germany as exemple, two countries where the progress in this matter has advanced considerably.
Many of the visitors on the exhibition assured that the consumption of marijuana "is not harmful" to their lives and emphasized that the main thing to enjoy a responsible consumption of this substance is being informed. For this reason, many of them have come to this exhibition in Madrid for the first time, as in the past it was celebrated in Barcelona because they need new tools for their homemade cultivation.
Another of the novelties of the exhibition is the 'Showroom', a space where to transmit "the quality and authenticity" of products derived from hemp, where various types of activities will be carried out, ranging from a tasting of beers or the elaboration of dermoesthetic products based on cannabis.