How to Become a Member?

Any person over the age of 18 can join Marisana if he meets the following requirements:
  • To be introduced by a guarantor partner in order to become a new member.
  • Be a consumer of cannabis for recreational or therapeutic purposes.
  • Be in possession of some personal identity document.
  • Accept the statutes and the operating rules of the association.
  • Pay the annual registration fee of 5 Euros.
Therapeutic users, who suffer some of the diseases for which the beneficial effects of cannabis are recognized by the IACM must prove their condition presenting a medical certificate.
These members will be exempt from the annual registration fee.

Basic Standards

The entrance to the club is exclusively for associates, who must present a valid identity document and the membership card in order to access the Club. In case of loss of the card 5 Euros will be paid to make a new copy.
It is forbidden to enter the club with urban vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards, etc., and to take photographs inside the premises.
The associated persons will commit serious infraction and can be threatened with expultion if:
  • They give their membership card to another person.
  • They provide false data for their registration in the Club.
  • A sentence because of drug trafficking against them exists.
  • Failure to comply with the recommendations on safety and prevention that the association facilitates in order to keep cannabis out of reach of third parties or to prevent consumption on public roads.
  • They do not report sanctions or legal imputations because of possession, consumption or trafficking of drugs.

For more information please

consult the complete regulations

of our association