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cannabis dictionary

“Cannabis”, “hemp” and “marijuana” are the same. What are THC and CBD? In this small dictionary we will describe different sector-specific terms that you may be familiar with. In this small sample, we gloss here the most common ones and clarify certain words and uses that are often used as synonyms but are not.
Cannabis: Cannabis Sativa L. is the scientific name of the plant. It has different varieties, such as hemp or marijuana, with different compositions that make them more suitable for personal or industrial use, respectively.
Hemp: It is a species of Cannabis Sativa and a cousin of marijuana. It usually has low THC and high CBD content and therefore is not usually consumed recreationally. However, it has a very varied industrial use; everything from oils to biodiesel, fibers and textiles, among many other things, are obtained from it.
CBD: Cannabidiol. It is the main component of the plant. Low psychoactive, it is the most common compound for medicinal uses of cannabis and counteracts the effects of THC. Its use and consumption is fashionable precisely because of its low psychoactivity.
Bud: It is the flower of cannabis and the part used for both recreational and medicinal consumption. For these purposes, female plants are used; since the male ones barely produce flowers and are less powerful.
Concentrates: These are highly potent substances that are obtained by dissolving the marijuana material in solvents. Some examples are resins or hashish.
CSC: Consumer Social Club. Also known as cannabis associations, they are closed groups of people who come together to obtain and consume cannabis under shared consumption, not punishable by law, MARISANA being the best of all 😊 of course.
GrowShop: These are marijuana growing product stores, where you can find everything from seeds to books, but never plants (at least in Spain).
Hydroponics: More than specific to cannabis cultivation, hydroponics (hydroponic marijuana, in this case) is a cultivation technique that uses mineral solutions instead of agricultural soil. Done well, it offers better results and in less time. It can be done indoors or outdoors.
Marijuana: Or Cannabis Indica, it is another species of Cannabis Sativa. It usually has a higher THC content than CBD, which makes it the most common for recreational personal consumption.
Beyond the scientific names, at a popular level, marijuana with physical and mental relaxing effects is described as “indica” and usually causes drowsiness. “Sativa” marijuana causes a stronger psychoactive effect and a more cheerful and energetic “high.”
THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol or delta-9-tetrahydro-cannabinol. It is the main psychoactive component of cannabis. The percentage that each plant contains changes in the different varieties and strains. It also has important therapeutic properties.
Well, this has been a small sample, but if you want to know all the terms about the world of marijuana, we recommend reading The Dictionary of Cannabis Sativa L by Alan Martínez, with more than 170 pages with photos and full-color illustrations. If you consider yourself a true cannabis lover, you should have this dictionary on your shelf.
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