Cannabis a plant with many possibilities

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cannabis a plant with many possibilities

The cannabis plant, also called the "vegetable pork", because everything is used, has two large families: industrial hemp, with very wide possibilities of use, and marijuana, for medical or recreational use.
The current and future use of cannabis is very diverse and varied, and although its main and best-known use is recreational or to improve well-being, we cannot forget its industrial use or its therapeutic applications.


Since its prohibition in 1937, the legal uses of Cannabis (hemp in this case) were limited to the industrial use of its fibers and seeds. There is talk of more than 50,000 derived products, which is why we talk about “vegetable pork” (since everything is used), and the number of products that can be obtained from this plant is truly impressive.

Models such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Peugeot 308 incorporate hemp fiber in their dashboards and door panels.

Although its traditional use was textiles and paper, many products are currently being developed in the field of construction and biomaterials in the automotive field, reduction in the weight of the components, vegetal and biodegradable origin, lower production cost, etc. Models such as the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Peugeot 308 incorporate hemp fiber in their dashboards and door panels.


Another of its uses, traditional and modern, is as food. Its nutritional value is in its seed, hempseed, which is being introduced into herbalists and health food stores, mainly in four products: oil, flour (protein), horchata and peeled seeds. It is emerging as one of the sources of vegetable protein that could displace soy, since its advantages over it are quite numerous, although they can be summarized in two, greater digestibility and better relationship between its essential fatty acids.
Cannabis seed oil is the best natural source of proteins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids directly digestible by humans. For all these characteristics, hemp is classified as a “superfood”.


Cannabis is emerging as the “green gold” of the coming years, both for its medicinal and recreational applications. Both THC and CBD and other cannabinoids are demonstrating a very important role in the treatment of various ailments and diseases, especially in the field of palliatives. There is no doubt that they improve the quality of life of many patients, thereby greatly helping them cope with the disease.