Legalize cannabis or continue prohibiting it?

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legalize cannabis or continue prohibiting it

Around 30% of Spaniards have many doubts about the recreational use of cannabis. Many have tried it and know its effects.
In the eighties and nineties, the British newspaper The Independent defended the legalization of cannabis and other soft drugs in several articles. In the following decade he changed his opinion and apologized to his readers for his previous position, beginning to defend again just the opposite: maintaining the ban.
Analysing these comings and goings with perspective, about the most famous plant in history, from the newspaper The Independent, we can say that it is evident, that nothing is black or white and that the effects of cannabis on society are much less worrying than the havoc that produce other legal drugs that we live with completely normally, such as tobacco and alcohol.
Yes, it is true that human beings have used recreational drugs since they existed, and that only historical evolution justifies that cannabis is persecuted and that in all celebrations of private or public life we always toast with alcohol and/or smoke a cigar in the legal sense of the condition.

Marijuana has been here for centuries despite prohibition. The way in which we have reduced road deaths due to alcohol or cancer due to tobacco has not been by prohibiting these substances, but by informing their consumers.

For some experts, abusive use of the substance generates negative effects on health, and its medicinal uses sometimes sound like an easy excuse to justify pure pleasure: medical marijuana is not smokeable and what we are talking about, let's be honest, is legalize its recreational consumption. Yes, it is true that prohibition produces even more dangerous monsters; and we only need to remember what happened with the failed attempts in the US to prohibit alcohol (Prohibition).
The debate on the legalization of marijuana is now global and more and more countries are committed to allowing its controlled sale and cultivation. There are also experts who warn of the dangerous message that can be sent to society by lifting the ban. Precisely at a time when citizens are more aware than ever of the dangers of alcoholism and smoking, why add another health risk?
In our opinion, the answer is obvious: because that risk already exists. Marijuana has been here for centuries, despite prohibition. And because the way in which we have reduced the number of road deaths due to alcohol, or cancer due to tobacco, has not been by prohibiting these substances, but by informing their consumers. Treat them like adults, instead of like children.
What is clear is that proven information on the responsible use of cannabis seriously benefits its potential consumers, both recreational and therapeutic, and consequently the best solution for all this is, from our point of view, legalization.